Confessions of a Hypocrite

We're all hypocrites. Let's just get that out of the way. We believe in one thing and do another, contradicting ourselves more times than we care to admit, which is exactly why we don't admit it, even to ourselves. Not sure where your beliefs and actions clash? I'll start with a few common hypocrisies to … Continue reading Confessions of a Hypocrite


What’s a SCOBY? And Other Kombucha Questions

For the last few months I've been brewing kombucha at home. For those unfamiliar with it, kombucha is a fermented tea product. It really just stems from sugar, tea and a SCOBY (we'll get to that soon). At its roots, it's simple, which is what drew me in - along with the fact that I love tea. … Continue reading What’s a SCOBY? And Other Kombucha Questions

A Playlist for a Stronger You

Every time I'm at the gym, I am reminded of the powerful effects of music on the mind and body. I dread the days that I don't have headphones. First off, I'm afraid that somebody is going to come up and talk to me because I don't look preoccupied. (I'm sure that sounds rude, but when I'm … Continue reading A Playlist for a Stronger You